TaskRabbit allows users to hire others to complete everyday tasks like cleaning houses, taking customer support calls, putting together IKEA furniture, hanging pictures or changing door knobs. Taskers can charge whatever they want, but the platform offers rates to help manage supply and demand.

The two-sided marketplace connects ‘TaskPosters’ with ‘TaskRabbits,’ background-checked professionals. It is available in many cities and was acquired by IKEA Group in 2017.

Posting a Task

TaskRabbit is a two-sided marketplace where people who need help with small tasks can get them done. It uses a crowdsourced marketplace model to connect TaskPosters who want to outsource their errands with local TaskRunners willing to complete them.

Customers can select the task that they need and the app will show them rates for different TaskRunners. They can also choose a preferred TaskRunner and schedule the task for a specific time.

When the task is completed, the TaskPoster pays the TaskRunner in cash and then TaskRabbit takes a 15% service fee of the total cost. The company also adds a 7.5% trust and support fee to each payment. TaskRabbit may also add peak pricing if certain services are in high demand. Moreover, the company offers customer support to both TaskPosters and TaskRunners.

Selecting a Tasker

People who want to work as Taskers need to sign up online. They are verified by a background check and interviewed after an initial screening. Once selected, they can start working on tasks and earn money from the app. The company also partners with businesses to offer their service in person, for example, it offers furniture assembly services for IKEA customers.

Taskers are limited to their availability, so it is important to select a time that works for both parties. The customer side of the application also displays a calendar with Taskers’ available dates and times. If the customer can’t find a suitable time, they can try another Tasker. The company also charges a trust and support fee of around 7.5%, which is added to the invoice.

Service Fees

TaskRabbit charges a service fee for every booking. This includes a Trust and Support charge that amounts to around 7.5 percent of the total price. This is used for various purposes, including the company’s Happiness Pledge, operational & safety measures for users’ protection, team training & channels for task completion, and more.

Taskers can earn substantial income by taking up various tasks and errands through the platform. They are highly vetted individuals who are often looking for flexible work to augment their incomes.

They can also implement peak pricing if certain services or product categories are in high demand. This ensures that customers willing to pay higher rates get precedence. Additionally, a $25 registration fee is charged to every new Tasker. This is non-refundable.

Trust & Support Fee

TaskRabbit charges a Trust & Support Fee that is added to each invoice. This is around 7.5 percent of the total price and it excludes any reimbursements for expenses. The fee is added to the hourly rate line item on the receipt.

Task Posters are required to submit their background, identity and vetting information to be considered for a task. They are also asked to sign a Terms of Service agreement. In some cases, a Tasker may be required to undergo additional vetting processes like an interview or a quiz to become eligible for a task.

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Peak Pricing

When it comes to assembling IKEA furniture or running errands, TaskRabbit has a solid reputation as a reliable service. The company has a dedicated community of Taskers who are skilled and committed to providing exceptional customer service.

TaskRabbit also puts a high emphasis on safety and security for both its users and taskers. Taskers undergo a rigorous vetting process, including background checks and interviews. Additionally, the platform handles cash payments to ensure secure transactions.

In addition to a service fee, TaskRabbit also charges a 7.5% Trust and Support fee. This is added to each invoice and helps the company manage supply and demand. The company also employs peak pricing to charge customers for tasks that are in high demand. This system works similarly to the way Uber implements surge pricing.

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