PetChatz is a video communications device that enables pet parents to chat and interact with their animals through video calls. This solution is ideal for pet parents who feel guilty leaving their animals home alone for extended periods.

PetChatz designers prioritized pet safety when developing the product. There are no sharp corners or edges and no exposed electrical cords that cats and dogs could chew on.

Unique Features

PetChatz is an award-winning, patented videophone designed to enable pet parents to easily check in on their pets from anywhere, with features that allow them to talk directly with them, offer aromatherapy or brain (treat) games or watch DOGTV. This device helps strengthen virtual bonds between family members and their animals while simultaneously keeping them safe within their home environment.

Pet owners can schedule two-way video chats using either the web or mobile app and their pet will receive an alert that it’s time for a conversation – either the paw-shaped button on their device will light up, or they’ll get an SMS/email from the system letting them know it’s time.

PetChatz may engage third parties to perform certain business functions for us, such as fulfilling orders, providing customer service, analyzing data and processing credit card payments. These companies and individuals will have access to personal data necessary for them to complete these tasks – they cannot use or disclose this data for any other reason without permission from PetChatz.

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive pet ownership interface enables pet owners to talk, treat and record videos with their animals quickly and easily using an app. They can also enable DogTV for their pup, which has been scientifically designed to reduce anxiety while enriching his/her life with sights and sounds they enjoy.

Pet parents receive an alert on their mobile device whenever their pet presses the PawCall button to initiate video call conversation with them in HD quality. After which, they can respond directly via video chat from their phones or tablets with HD chat with their furry pal.

The durable, pet-safe device mounts to an electrical outlet or attaches directly to kennels at eye level for safe interaction, featuring two-way video calls, treat dispenser, calming scent and brain games as well as motion and sound detection and DogTV; no monthly fees!

Marketing Strategies

Pet businesses must prioritize marketing strategies that foster customer retention and conversion rates, such as social media, personalization and user-generated content.

PetChatz provides two-way video chatting, treat dispensing, and automated interactive games for pets when their owners are away. Their new feature, PawCall, allows your pet to initiate calls by pressing a button on the floor – as well as offering sound alerts, low treat indicators, and soothing aromatherapy options for the device itself.

Customers can utilize the PetChatz app to personalize their calls with a variety of features, such as music, photos and videos. In addition, customers can activate DOGTV to give their pet television entertainment while making them feel loved even when away from home.


PetChatz is a pet camera designed to help owners connect with their animals when away from home. Owners can chat to their dogs or cats, dispense treats, and play brain (treat) games using this device.

Anser Innovation of Minneapolis, maker of PetChatz gadgetry, is readying its amazing technology for sale by large retailers and more than 4,000 pet stores nationwide, including about 365 in Minnesota. Their treat cam enables voice, scent, video interaction, DogTV compatibility, motion detection detection as well as pet-to-parent messaging features – perfect for all sorts of pet needs!

PetChatz is the first device that specifically caters to consumers rather than boarding facilities, offering webcam footage of your pet as well as animal feeder capabilities. A similar device, called iSeePet, was once popular but can no longer be found easily online or tech blogs.

Positive User Experiences

PetChatz has successfully provided pet parents with positive user experiences and has gained momentum in the pet tech space. Consumers are prioritizing their pets differently and showing appreciation for features such as its treat cam and digital daycare system offered by PetChatz.

The device is constructed to ensure the safety of both cats and dogs, mounting flush to a wall over an electrical outlet or connecting directly to a kennel at eye-level. Pet owners can communicate with their animals using smartphones or tablets while dispensing treats, brain games or aromatherapy via the pet parent-facing app.

PetChatz’s device also provides sound/motion triggered video recording and DogTV, all at no monthly fees. PetChatz operates globally and may transfer customer personal data to countries with less stringent laws to protect customer privacy than where the customer resides.

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